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HIFA – the reviving festival ...

October 29, 2010 in Travel Articles | 995 views  |  No Comments

If you are flying to Zimbabwe in April, it is the perfect time to visit the HIFA Festival. The word HIFA, is abbreviation of “Harare International Festival of Arts”. This is the largest national festival which has now turned into an international event. The festival attracts great attention from western media as well as UNESCO, as it is a means of saving and reviving the rich African traditions. [...]

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Air Zimbabwe resume flights to Euro ...

April 22, 2010 in Airline News | 1,123 views  |  No Comments

Air Zimbabwe resume flights to Europe

AIR Zimbabwe resumed flights to London yesterday following a temporary freeze on air transportation over much of Europe after ash and dust from a volcanic eruption in Iceland clouded European air space. The national airline’s chief executive Dr Peter Chikumba confirmed resumption of the flights yesterday, bringing relief to more than 800 prospective travellers stranded between Harare and London. “We [...]

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Air Zimbabwe could lost nearly US$1 ...

April 21, 2010 in Airline News | 3,159 views  |  1 Comment

Air Zimbabwe could lost nearly US$1 million …

AIR ZIMBABWE could have lost nearly US$1 million over the past five days following the temporary freeze on air transportation over much of European airspace. About 400 people who wanted to fly to Zimbabwe from London last week were stranded in Britain, while an equal number seeking to travel from Harare to London were stuck in Harare. A cloud of ash and dust that followed the eruption of Mt Eyjafjoell [...]

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