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A Superb Place to Visit – Victoria Falls

May 3, 2011 in Travel Articles | 2,528 views  |  No Comments

A Superb Place to Visit – Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is certainly the superb place to visit in Zimbabwe, Africa. You will find plentiful extraordinary attractions in Zimbabwe. In case you address about gorgeous holiday spots and for the exact moment you feel captivated to go on the mind-blowing Bungee jumps, horse riding, water rafting, fishing, diving, remarkable safaris positively Victoria Falls is the recommended spot for you and your family. Zambezi River and Livingstone in Victoria Falls are among the list of renowned and enthralling vacation destinations for the tourists. There are innumerable last minute flights to Victoria [...]

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A Natural Holiday Spot – Zimb ...

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A Natural Holiday Spot - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a holiday destination filled with natural charm and a number of places to visit. Even if it is ones 1st cheap flight to Zimbabwe, there is no insufficiency of events to observe and carry out in astounding Zimbabwe. The intriguing holiday spot in outstanding Zimbabwe is the 7th wonder on the planet famous as the appealing Victoria Falls. The falls have got fabulous stopping places all across [...]

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Lovely Places to Visit in Zimbabwe ...

April 22, 2011 | 1,649 views  |  No Comments

Lovely Places to Visit in Zimbabwe

One of the beautiful places to travel to Africa is said to be Zimbabwe. It is a lovely country with a lot of attractions for the tourists. Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe. This fabulous city is the main hub for the financial, political and cultural activities in the country. This city also serves for the huge number of visitors coming to the country for spending their holidays with their family [...]

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Travelers to Zimbabwe Celebrate as ...

April 20, 2011 | 1,527 views  |  No Comments

Travelers to Zimbabwe Celebrate as Air Zimbabwe Flights Resume just in time for Easter

According to Mr. David Mwenga, General Manager for Europe & UK, The Harare based airline Air Zimbabwe is to operate its flight schedule tonight. Mr. Mwenga expressed with joy while speaking with a Travel House UK representative that the airline is happy and relieved to announce that the pilots strike has ended. In its official announcement the carrier stated has declared that the Flights number [...]

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Air Zim’s Current Situation ...

April 16, 2011 | 1,358 views  |  No Comments

Air Zim’s Current Situation

As per an online news agency, the national airline Air Zimbabwe is not far from a possible collapse. The news also highlights that this is only going to happen if the stake holders fails to rescue the airline from ongoing crises. The case of the home carrier of Zambia is sufficient in this aspect. Hence it is necessary that all share holders should get together and save the airline. Air Zimbabwe has [...]

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Zimbabwe Tourism ...

April 14, 2011 | 5,903 views  |  No Comments

Zimbabwe Tourism

When you are planning to spend your summer holidays with your family, Zimbabwe without doubt is the best place to enjoy your holidays. Harare is the capital city and the busiest city of Zimbabwe. Currently Zimbabwe is under some economical and political unrest but these issues do not come in the way of entertainment and enjoyment. You can get your cheapest flights to Harare with Ethiopian Airline [...]

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The Latest Update on Air Zimbabwe P ...

April 8, 2011 | 1,688 views  |  No Comments

The Latest Update on Air Zimbabwe Pilot Union Strike

From last week onwards when the Zimbabwean Governing party has agreed to help out Air Zimbabwe in sorting out the financial crises as well as putting in the pending salaries there are positive expectations that the airline will restart entire schedules. According to the most recent reports so far the flights has not proclaimed any reliable news with reference to this action. The routes disrupted [...]

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Air Zimbabwe Refund Process for Can ...

March 31, 2011 | 1,310 views  |  No Comments

Air Zimbabwe Refund Process for Cancelled Tickets

Unfortunately, the flights to Harare with Air Zimbabwe are still cancelled and the pilots are on strike. Negotiations are in place to sort out the matter at the earliest possibility meanwhile it is advised to all Air Zimbabwe customers to remain patient. The airline is utilizing all possible means to spread up to date information about its flight schedules, cancellations and refund process including [...]

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Air Zimbabwe Flights cancelled due ...

March 26, 2011 | 1,087 views  |  No Comments

Air Zimbabwe Flights cancelled due to Strike

Air Zimbabwe Pilot strike continues as the matter of pending salary and arrears remains unsolved between both parties. As of now, Air Zimbabwe may not operate its flights entirely or partly. Therefore all travelers should contact the airline to: Make sure your schedule is active or if cancelled To get up to date information about refund To check for next available flights To get any other information Please [...]

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Air Zimbabwe the first choice for 2 ...

March 18, 2011 | 1,750 views  |  No Comments

Air Zimbabwe the first choice for 2011 Harare Travel

Great News for Air Zimbabwe customers!!!! The airline is on its way to becoming the best carrier to Zimbabwe. What makes us say that? Are the new ongoing developments at the carrier’s part. Firstly, it invited over new aircrafts last year to make flight experience with Air Zimbabwe better. And now, the airline has introduced a low flight fare to Harare that is jaw dropping. The airline has announced [...]

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Things to Do in Harare Zimbabwe ...

March 18, 2011 | 11,485 views  |  No Comments

Bordered Northwest of Zambia, Republic of Zimbabwe formerly known as Southern Rhodesia is a landlocked country, located in the southern part of the African continent between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. Surrounded by Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia it is home to the world’s largest wildlife and the Victoria falls, a major tourist attraction. Entangled in its economic despair, Zimbabwe is still [...]

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