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Historical Ruins of the Great Zimba ...

February 8, 2012 in Travel Articles | 4,783 views  |  No Comments

Historical Ruins of the Great Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has a lot more to offer than just the gorgeous Victoria Falls. The ruins of Great Zimbabwe the very same place which has given the new name to the nation which was previously called Rhodesia, is a must see place for any tourist that enter Zimbabwe. These magnificent ruins have always been shrouded in mystery about who built them as the white racists who were in control of the country during [...]

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Attractions of Wildlife Trust and A ...

February 2, 2012 in Travel Articles | 2,344 views  |  No Comments

Attractions of Wildlife Trust and Animal Sanctuary, Harare

If you are looking to have outrageous fun in a place the likes of which you are likely to not have seen before and indulging in adventures that you will never forget and simply having the time of your life while getting away from a busily scheduled year of work then we certainly have a treat waiting for you. We are offering cheap flights to Harare so that you and your family can enjoy spending [...]

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