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Some Famous Zimbabwe Safari Parks

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Although many places and creatures in Africa are the best in their own kinds, some still assert that Zimbabwe offers some of the bests. Be stunned by the waters of the Victoria Falls, be amazed by the rolling hills, experience the circle of life with the enormous elephants and buffalo and never forget, go back in time with the rock arts that were created even before civilizations sprouted.

Zimbabwe safaris

Although Zimbabwe safaris are only some of the seemingly endless offerings of Africa, wonders of nature can still be found in here that may not be found anywhere else. In this article, we have collected some of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that cover Zimbabwe safaris.

Chimanimani National Park, situated at the eastern region of Zimbabwe, this park is the only one that allows hikers and trailers to travel without guides. It is a botanist’s paradise since it boasts hundreds of plant species.
Chizarira National Park, famous for its panoramic views, Chizarira is not for the faint hearted. It has difficult access that very remote. Nonetheless, it offers its guests amazing sites of natural wonders.

Gonarezhou National Park, at one point in time the elephants dwelled in here thus the name Gonarezhou which literally meant as “abode of elephants”. But people are now trying to recover its past but the elephants never forget. They tend to become nasty to visitors.

Hwange National Park, being the premier game viewing area of Zimbabwe, Hwange is the largest national park. It never gets crowded though. The driest months are the peak season for the visits. This is when game viewing is most excellent since animals congregate within water holes. This park also harbors the largest and most diverse animal species in the region, some 400 birds species and the combination of plain animals and the predators.

Lake Kariba, a man-made water reserve, Lake Kariba now serves as the haven for water adventure lovers. It features water skiing, fishing and sailing. Swimming is not allowed since it is also the haven for crocodiles and other reptiles.

Matopos National Park, this is where history seemed to centralized. Packed with many cave men drawings that depict the existence of life in the soil of Zimbabwe even before it was discovered. It also harbors thick population of wild animals including the rare black rhino.

Matusadona National Park, featuring wild mountains and flat plains, Matusadona is truly a land of rising and falling altitudes. It is also known for nursing large herds of both fish eagles and buffalo.

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