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Attractions of Wildlife Trust and Animal Sanctuary, Harare

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Elephants in Wildlife Trust Harare

If you are looking to have outrageous fun in a place the likes of which you are likely to not have seen before and indulging in adventures that you will never forget and simply having the time of your life while getting away from a busily scheduled year of work then we certainly have a treat waiting for you. We are offering cheap flights to Harare so that you and your family can enjoy spending good quality time together all the while enjoying your hearts out.

And one of the hottest among its many destinations is the magnificent capital and largest city of Zimbabwe; Harare. Full of great architecture diverse landscape luxurious hotels huge shopping malls, museums with ancient artifacts, a great taste in dining a fabulous night life and friendly locals this city has absolutely everything one could desire for a great traveling destination. It is going to rid you of the stereotypical belief about what Africa is like and help you enjoy the purest of African culture and tradition without compromising on comfort. It is truly a modern city right in the heart of Africa and does not in any way lack any luxury that you may enjoy elsewhere.

From a huge variety of places to visit while in Harare perhaps the most popular is the Wildlife Trust and Animal Sanctuary which is a genuine wildlife orphanage and rehabilitation rescue centre where guests are invited to visit the Sanctuary for trully memorable personal encounters with wildlife. The place offers the opportunity to study up close and even touch animals usually only seen from a vehicle.

Find out what a kudu’s horn feels like, how a blind lion copes, or how a cheetah purrs when you scratch his ears and head. It is a lovely place to take the kids and help them make memories that they can cherish for a lifetime by playing with wild cats among other things. It has the potential to be a true highlight of any trip.

Another very highly appreciated place to visit is the Vadren Safaris located on the Mavuradonha Mountains in Harare. It is a superb way to relax in the remote environment and enjoy the serene landscape of the place but with all the essentials one would need to be comfortable. The people Varden Safaris put a great deal of effort in ensuring that every visitor is able to achieve as much as they want while visiting this place. It is again highly recommend for people who love wild life and outdoor experiences like camping, hiking and trekking. The bush opens into the lush and dream like open spaces, canter across them surrounded by stunning meadow like flowers and then into the hills which offer views that are truly unsurpassed. To sum it up it has been described as an amazing, fascinating and hugely educational by all those who have visited it.

If these two great attractions are not enough to convince you to visit this paradise city then we have another which is sure to win you over. The Lake Chivero Recreational Park is an absolute stunner, one which is sure to blow the mind of any who will visit it and that’s not just because of its intoxicating beauty but also because of all the other facilities that this protected part of the park offers. It is truly a sight to behold. With a great variety of things to do, animals to see and the immense beauty of this place it is truly recommended that you visit here.

So be sure to book your cheap airline ticket to this vibrant land as it promises an adventure you simply cannot afford to miss out on.

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